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Indigenous Women League Nepal (IWL Nepal)


Indigenous Women League Nepal (IWL Nepal) is a human rights feminist organization committed to achieving equality and equity, sustainable development and indigenous women human rights. IWL Nepal has formed by concerned and educated indigenous women who have been fighting against gender and caste based discriminations within and outside the indigenous communities. IWL Nepal established as an Association and legally registered in District Administrative Office (DAO) and District Development Committee (DDC) Kathmandu and affiliated in the Social Welfare Council (SWC). Currently, it has been working at 33 districts through its districts coordination networks.

IWL Nepal has been working for ensuring the right of indigenous women and establishes their dignified and respectful life. Indigenous women have been experiencing not only gender base discrimination but also the caste based discrimination and they are systematically excluded by the State and other communities. In the sense of this reality, IWL Nepal was established and had been working for achieving the gender equality and equity through securing constitutional, political, legal, socio-cultural, economic and traditional right of Nepalese indigenous women.

In Nepal, indigenous women have bitter experiences of inbuilt structural patriarchy and dominated political systems. Social exclusion based on gender and caste has for centuries been a crucial part. Likewise, social exclusion based on ethnicity has been another reality. Therefore, an indigenous woman has been facing multiple discriminations not only being an women but also because of their ethnicity. Women comprise 50.4 percent out of which 35 percent are indigenous women but fact is that, the state has not yet recognized to indigenous women. So, they have been deprived from resources which government allocating in grassroots to national levels.



The Indigenous Woman League Nepal envisions a society where indigenous women and girls lead equal and dignified life, contributing to sustainable development, peace and harmony of indigenous community and advancement of the nation.



Iindgenous Woman League Nepal mission is to work towards social, political and economic empowerment of indigenous women and girls.


Objectives :

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